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Top 3 best free Wordpress pricing table plugin for a Wordpress website

If you are looking for a Wordpress pricing table plugin for creating a pricing plan comparison table of your product or service then you have landed on the right place because today in this article I have brought up top 3 best free Wordpress pricing table plugin for a Wordpress website.

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Before we move ahead let me give you a brief introduction to the pricing table so that one who doesn’t know what pricing table is all about can know.

So, basically, when you try to sell some of your product or service you need to set the price of that product or service in the form of weekly, monthly or yearly purchase basis.


And to create this weekly, monthly or yearly pricing plan we use a different Wordpress plugin called pricing plan table plugin.

There are multiple plugins available of the same category so to decide and choose the best is kindly a tricky task and so that here I am going to share 3 best pricing plan table plugin which will provide you all features and services what a pricing plan table plugin needs to have.


Let’s begin…

Top 3 Free WordPress Pricing Table Plugin for WordPress Website

ARPrice – WordPress Pricing Table Plugin

This is the first and the most beautiful service provided Wordpress plugin which allows you to create a gorgeous pricing plan tables that attract audiences the most and help you to increase your conversion rate.


This Wordpress plugin has the collection of more than 300 built-in templates which you can use and customize with tons of amazing features to give a great attractive and responsive look according to your need.

ARPrice – WordPress Pricing Table comes in two different version free and premium the only difference between these two is the access to services. While using the free you will have some limitation on the access of services wherein the premium one you will get complete access.


It allows you to add multiple columns and set the view of the pricing plan table on different devices.

To use this plugin you just have to create the pricing plan table using a complete graphical user interface and when you finish the creation part of it you will get a shortcode which you have to put anywhere on your site pages or posts to display this pricing plan table.


CSS3 Responsive Pricing Table

This WordPress pricing table plugin provides you a responsive layout with the support of multiple sites.


In this plugin, you will have to choose styles between these two light and dark. Each plugin comes with a 20 color variation.

The complete plugin has been developed using pure CSS3 and that’s why this is lightweight and efficient.


Easy Pricing Tables

It is one of the popular pricing plan table plugins among users which comes with 10 fully responsive templates that have its own tools and tips to create and display pricing plans on your sites.


So, these are the three best Wordpress pricing plan table plugin for a WordPress website which will help you to create an attractive and great pricing plan tables for your business.


Let’s wrap up…

Above we have discussed the different Wordpress pricing plan and also we’ve to know which one to choose and why.

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